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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Symptoms, Causes, Treatment)

With the term "carpal tunnel" we describe the entrapment of the median nerve of the hand on its way through the carpal tunnel. And this is due to the inflammation of the tendons in the area resulting in the space being reduced due to the swelling.


There is pain in the wrist area after straining the joint. As the condition progresses, pain and burning in the wrist and fingers may be daily.

There is a general weakness of the hand characterized by dropping objects from the hand.

Often after a night's sleep for the early hours of the morning there is stiffness in the wrist and fingers.


• Appears in people who stress their daily life with the movements of the wrist and fingers

• Wrist injury (e.g. fracture)

• Diabetes mellitus

• Fluid retention during pregnancy

• Diseases such as hyperthyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis


• Therapeutic massage for local relaxation

• TECAR (radio frequency therapy) for relaxation, reduction of pain and swelling

• Taping to support the area and facilitate movement

• Exercises to improve the elasticity of the muscles of the wrist and fingers (stretching)

• Exercises to improve wrist and finger muscle strength (strengthening)

• Mobilization of the wrist and elbow joint

• High frequency laser increases cell metabolism and stimulates blood circulation

• Acupuncture complementary therapy aims to reduce pain swelling and inflammation in the area



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